how it works?

MAIA will be configurated to respond to a predefined script and data taken from callers will be automatically transferred using API (application programming interface) commands to the platform used by the company to schedule and record requests/tickets/commands or leads received from customers.

MAIA can be your virtual assistant


Professional audio protocols recorded with a human voice

Unique contact number that will allow 15 simultaneous calls


API integration with the platform used by your company



Technical support and maintenance for optimal deployment

We constantly develop MAIA and try to adapt to client needs



Mobile App MAIA allows certain operations based on vocal commands




MAIA can automatically read emails


Multi-channel input (phone, email, online)



MAIA can help you and your business



MAIA saves minutes or even missed hours on the phone and missed calls, automatically registering the support requests / customer requests to be taken over by an agent.

Ask us anything! We will let MAIA show you the benefits she brings to your business.

In some cases, MAIA can handle the entire transaction without human intervention. In other cases MAIA sends data to the ACD to help distribute the corresponding call routing.

Ana Ionica, Marketing Specialist @ TNT Computers

Any invention begins with a dream and eventually, after years, decades or centuries, the dream can become reality. Today, this technology is no longer a myth but reality.

Join the digital world and be one step ahead your competitors!

MAIA says: I’m ready when you are!

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