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How can maia help you?

The IVR APP, we call MAIA allows you to interact with your customers/partners and employees through VOICE RECOGNITION.

What can MAIA do?

  • answear phone calls and have real-time conversations
  • register orders
  • cost optimization
  • process multiple tasks at the same time
  • contact clients through a predefined script
  • forward the conversation to the department responsible inside the company
  • transform speech to text, register and distribute the information
  • API integration
  • technical support

hours availability


input channels

cups of coffee

You have an e-commerce platform selling sport products. The business is going well and you have to increase the number of employees who take, prepare and manually register the order into your ERP system. MAIA can help you completely automate this process by registering phone calls/emails converting them into data and importing them into you ERP system and sending the order to the person responsible with preparing and sending the order to clients.


Your Accountant has to call customers which didn’t pay their invoices. This procedure is time consuming. Why not let MAIA help you? Our App can contact and alert customers based on a predefined script thus relieve the Accountant of this repetitive task.

Maia aims to automate and increase the quality of customer interaction, productivity and employee efficiency.

With MAIA, real-time conversations can be created and service orders or non-intervention products can be recorded, reducing the labor costs needed to take over these calls.

Both the phone waiting times and the availability of the call waiting program are optimized, the Virtual Assistant is available all the time and can receive as many calls as possible at the same time. MAIA is the robot that lets you choose different options. You can guide your customers to accounting, technical support, sales, so you do not have to wait too long. Their call will be immediately retrieved and sent to the correct recipient.


  • Service AUTO, Beauty Salons, Test Drives
  • Catering, Restaurants, Food delivery
  • Sport gym, Aqua gym, Fitness
  • Medical services, Retail

Automated call center solutions are a way to reduce customer costs and respond to the growing need for automatic interaction combined with live operator support.

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